CAIC-ACCI Logo Policy

The CAIC-ACCI logo cannot be used on any materials or slides without the expressed written consent of the Executive.
If a request to use the logo is received, the Executive will determine if the event is deemed to be in the National interest of the membership. If affirmative, permission to use the logo will then depend upon two factors:

1. A CAIC-ACCI member will be invited to participate on the planning committee in order to collaborate on educational content and ensure CAIC-ACCI interests are represented.

2. CAIC-ACCI receives remuneration from the meeting organizers for the use of the logo. Either a scaled fee based on the size of the meeting or 15% of CAIC-ACCI members’ registration fee is returned to the Association.

If CAIC-ACCI partners with any meeting committee or organization, a marketing effort will be made to advertise the event and encourage membership attendance.